Where to purchase art in Miami

Art Basel is a large art event located at Miami Beach Convention Center each year. It is going on its 15th year this winter and is a popular hot spot for many celebrities. More than 260 galleries with varies mediums of art are featured. It’s like a giant warehouse filled with many unique art pieces and they are all for sale to the highest bidder. This is an exciting event for collectors each year and it brings in large crowds to Miami. Many different styles of art are featured and there is sure to be something for everyone at this event. Sculptures, drawings, prints, photography, digital art, and paintings are all featured. Styles vary from modern to bizarre and everything in between.

This is an event than many wealthy art collectors and celebrities attend each year. Sylvester Stallone, George Lindemann, and Leonardo DiCaprio frequent this event and are known to pay top dollar for items to add to their art collection. Mary-Kate Olsen and Neil Patrick Harris can also be found browsing the art here along with others. This is not a gallery for the poor by any means. Many art pieces are pricey at this event and bidders are known to spend $1 million or more on a single item.

For those who are looking for a less pricey event Miami also has a large art event in Wynwood the second Saturday of each month. This event is embraced by local art lovers and tourists. Wynwood Art Walk is located in the Wynwood Art District and features over 60 different galleries. Many different mediums of art are featured such as ceramics, photography, painting and sculptures. Group tours and private tours of the galleries are also available and are great for those who do not frequent the area. Many banners for local galleries are features in the area to help advertise local artists. Framing stores and art supply stores are also advertised. This is a fun event with much to explore. Food trucks are also offered and there are many eateries in the area to grab a bite to eat. Walking tours and also a buggy tour are available. Some gallery tours offer a glass of wine, which is a classy and fun way to spend the evening. No matter what your taste there is sure to be a gallery here that you will enjoy.

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