Miami: Art Explosion in the Sunny State

Art illuminates, and it exposes different aspects of one’s life. Art is definitely a medium that transcends yet can only be appreciated in a personal way. But it can sometimes be hard to know where to buy good art. Thankfully, there are a few places brimming with new and effective artists in Miami.

The Kind of Art in Miami

Miami, Florida has a rich history of people and events that many artists have used for inspiration. And every artist has something different to say. The kind of art that you might find may reflect the cultural highlights of Miami, like those who fled Communism years ago. Or you might find an artist that speaks about the troubles of the everyday person.

Finding Artists & Art Collectors

The truth is artists are plentiful in Miami, which is one of the reasons that many art collectors have flocked there, like Renown collectors Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz who seem to be attracted to dream-like artistry. Another famed collector is Martin Z. Margulies who has gathered photography, videos, installations and sculptures for his collection. Miami is also home to Rubell Family Collection, which is known to be the biggest collection of contemporary art in North America. Most of the work collected comes from artists in Miami. Keep in mind that some of these private art collectors do open their doors to the public from time to time; just keep an eye out. Artists may be found at the art gatherings.

But one does not have to resort to waiting for private collectors because people can find art and artists in certain ‘artists colonies’ in Miami. Yes, there are several ‘artist colonies’ in Miami, which are areas where artists usually live. One may get a chance to see an artist paint a beautiful vista by the Miami Beach. Or you might find great artists near Lincoln Road.

One could also visit Wynwood Walls in Miami. This area is a revolutionary location that is showcasing some of Miami’s best graffiti artists. This art form was once revered as nothing more than street vandalism, but it has become much more than that. It took some time before art collectors and admirers understood the meaning of street art, but thankfully Miami was able to harness these voices in a productive way. The Wynwood Walls showcases some local and young artists who are looking to have their voices heard. The work is sometimes incendiary, subversive, and brutal, but art welcomes all.

There is definitely a lot to see and experience in Miami when it comes to art (

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