Finding Art in Miami: Where Celebrities Look

Miami Art Week is always packed with celebrities looking for art to buy. Some popular places include Soho Beach House, Faena Hotel Miami Beach, and the Miami Beach Convention Center. While these locations are all in the same vicinity, each has their own specialties when it comes to art, ranging from pottery to paintings to glass sculptures. The atmosphere is immersive, and most importantly, a number of huge celebrities make their appearances as well. Historically, ASAP Rocky, Paris Hilton, George Lindemann, and Sylvester Stallone have come to Miami Beach to take part in this event that draws artists from around the country. In addition to art, other artists such as Wiz Khalifa have performed at the beach to kick off the art week. According to many reporters, that is what truly makes the event special. Not only are there galleries of art to view and appreciate, but the atmosphere full of celebrities is noticeable along the entire coast. Imagine going to Casa Tua and seeing Alicia Keys there. It’s an event that a dedicated art collector would not want to miss.

Some of these celebrities are well-versed in the field of art, and others are relatively new. That’s why these beaches are staffed with professional art connoisseurs to help these celebrities find their place among the different galleries. They definitely trust the staff here in Miami, and if you are interested in art as well, you’ll feel at home here at Miami with a plethora of resources along the beach. The stores are usually open from 10AM to 9PM, with longer hours on the weekend that culminates this impressive week. As Ryan Seacrest said in 2015, “Miami beach has it all.” The sheer variety of works and masterpieces you’ll find on the beach makes this art week one of the largest and most recognizable in the country. It’s incredibly hard to go wrong here, as even if you come without a clear intention in mind, the atmosphere will make you comfortable amongst all the different vendors. These celebrities are known to shop, interact with the media, and hang out alongside the beach. They trust Miami, and you should too. Art Week the biggest art event in the state and it’s been an incredible event for many years. Don’t miss out on the workshops and features!

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