The famous art collectors of Miami

One of the most outstanding achievements throughout human history as been humankind’s ability to express itself through art. The human desire to create has led to the creation of amazing paintings, fabulous textures, expressive music and hand-crafted masterpieces from clothing to vases. It’s this human desire to leave a mark on the world around us that has led to some of the world’s greatest works such as classic art like the Mona Lisa and where there are great works of art, there will be art collectors.

Art collection is more than just buying favourite art pieces, it’s more the purposeful pursuit of building a legacy to enjoy over a lifetime. Art collection in Miami brings together not only a great board spectrum of world-class art designers and fine painters. But, it also brings out famous celebrity collectors whose desire to collect the best art the modern world can offer as bought them Miami to find just the right piece they are looking for.

One famous Miami art collector is Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio has been reported to have been spotted at Art Basel Miami while also taking the time to review the offerings of Andy Warhol at Miami’s Brant Foundation. However, DiCaprio isn’t the only famous Hollywood face to be spotted visiting Miami to discover or rediscover world-class art. It’s also been reported that George Lindemann, as well as pop musicians Jay-Z and Beyoncé have visited Art Basel Miami to purchase pieces from street artist Hebru Brantley.

The celebrity A-list of Miami Art collectors also includes Brad Pitt. The Fury movie actor has often been spotted picking up purchases at Art Basel where the actor purchased a Neo Rauch painting for a cool $1 million. Plus it’s been widely reported that Pitt is also an avid Art Deco furniture collector as well. With such an amazing group of collectors interested in what the city has to offer in everything that is artistic from paintings to sculptures, it is easy to see why Miami is in the forefront of a continuing thriving world art scene. With its youthful vibe and large contemporary art collections, Miami will continue to lead in a region that is truly art crazy.

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