Celebrities Who Have Been Seen in the Miami Design District

The Miami Design District is a tremendous hot spot for celebrities. Miami Design District was originally known as Buena Vista that was a small section of Miami, Florida. Even though many places still have the Buena Vista name. The area had fallen into decline and despair by the late 1989s and early 199Os. The district was made of large low-rise warehouses and also art galleries, cafes, and restaurants. It also has homes that date back to the 1920s. In the 1890s, Buena Vista was established as a small village. The land boom occurred during the 1920s. It was originally the home of many Floridian immigrants after Spain sold Florida to England in the early 1760s.

Revitalizing the Miami Design District

The buildup of the area as the Miami Design District began when real estate developer, Craig Robins of Dacra Real estate bought the rundown buildings in the 18 block area to refurbish. Miami Design District is now home to many restaurants, art galleries, antique dealers, luxury shops, and more. Shops such as Prada, Dior, and Louis Vuitton have stores in the Miami Design District. The district boasts having more the 60 stores, and this is just the beginning. The restaurants in the district include pizzerias, bars, delis, bistros, and more.

Celebrities in Miami Design

There are many celebrities who visit the Miami Design District. Kate Hudson showed up at a party put on by the Chrome Hearts at the Miami Design District. Leonard DiCaprio and Miranda Kerr. Lukas Haas, and Tobey Maguire also like to attend parties at the Design District. Elle MacPhearson loves to come to the Miami Design District to go clothes shopping whenever she is in the neighborhood. It is not unusual to spot Madonna or Sylvester Stallone frequenting a pizzeria or one of the district’s restaurants. Zoe Kravitz was recently seen at the Miami Project to honor Art Basel and internationally known artist. There is a saying at the district that if a person does not spot a celebrity there, they would have to be blind.

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