Buena Vista Miami Florida the Holiday Destination with Very Rich History

Buena Vista is a tourist attraction area located in Miami, Florida United States. Buena Vista has a rich heritage, and it is on the northern side of Miami Design District. The Buena Vista area is highly residential, and most houses are more than a decade old making the neighborhood very historical. The houses were built as early as 1920, and the structures have stood to date.

At the beginning of the 1890s, the Buena Vista area was sparsely populated, and few people thought the area would grow and become known all over the globe. The growth of Buena Vista began in the 1920s when there was a land boom most of the immigrants who left Georgia and North Carolina bought land and started developing properties. Most of these immigrants were prominent business people. The houses built by the businessmen reflected their financial status and the architectural design and decor reflected the immigrants’ personality. The uniqueness of these homes has attracted so many people who love history to Buena Vista.

The earliest settlements in Buena Vista are reflected by areas such as Lemon City and Little River they were established few years in the wake of the 19th century. These areas are almost the same age as Miami and modern day’s documents about the area inform travelers that before developments these areas were covered by very dense forests. Buena Vista hosted prominent figures such as William Henry Gleason who was a Lieutenant Governor of Florida. William was active in the early day’s politics, and his popularity had grown so much in the entire area of Miami, and he arrived shortly after the civil war in the Miami area.

Today the Miami Design District has increased to a modern city, but the history of this area has been preserved very well. The Miami Beach is visited by high profile celebrities throughout the year; it is full of fun activities to engage in when you are on holiday. There are high-end shopping malls retailing brands from the best designers in the world. Celebrated chefs from all parts of the globe have set up camps here, and they offer visitors excellent cuisines to make the whole experience fantastic. Biggest names in the fashion industry have been here among them Louis Vuitton, Lenny Kravitz, Craig Robins and Matt Damon.

The Buena Vista art gallery showcases some of the finest artworks from all over the globe, and over the years famous artists have visited the place to exhibit their work. Zaha Hadid a renowned architect and designer based in London are among the big names who have displayed their jobs in the Buena Vista art gallery. Dining at Buena Vista is also very exclusive with world’s best chefs such as Michael Schwartz who has on many occasions exhibited his culinary skills to holiday makers who visit Buena Vista.

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