Boarding Schools Still Support the Arts

With most public schools removing their art programs from their budgets, students lack a crucial part of their education. Science and technology are important. No one is questioning that fact. However, without the arts, the building blocks of education lacks. When the time arrives for college, these students are ill-equipped to succeed at the higher levels of education.

In contrast, premier boarding schools in the United States have programs ranging from theater and art to dance and choirs. Schools like Cushing Academy or St. George’s School offer a variety of different programs to balance out a well-rounded education. These aspects of student’s lives’ not only look good on a college application but they also set the students up to succeed. There are classes required in university academia that public school students simply do not have the tools to succeed at their highest potential. Boarding schools are the opposite. They allow students to explore the arts, learn from the arts, and let the arts assist them across the academic board.

Top-notch boarding schools are built to college-prep. The arts do not simply stop at the performing sort. There is design, both fashion, and visual arts. Allowing a student to approach their education with an open mind assists in their learning and preparing them for the next step. Boarding school is college-prep in many ways. Being away from home, diverse sets of friends and the academic choices are all obstacles and adventures they will face upon graduation.

Boarding schools seems to know something public schools do not. Boarding schools need and want students to learn about art because artists are problem-solvers. They are not only able to learn this in a typical history class. They are shown first-hand how to approach problems tactilely and visually. Studies are spoken about on television regularly about how the arts assists in science and math application. Art is the building block that has gone missing in American public schools. Since the removal of programs due to budget concerns, test scores have dropped. Yet, nothing has changed.

Boarding schools pick up the slack. They open their doors to a diverse set of students and want to foster whatever talent they may have, including in the field of arts. How better to explain geometry than to discuss the angles of a painting. Or, to analyze literature by analyzing art first. These are concepts that boarding schools have understood and implemented in full force.

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