Aventura Mall Features Unique Works of Art

Upon the creator’s realization that shopping malls have become a modern day town center, the Turnberry for the Arts collection was brought to the Aventura Mall. These art pieces are of museum quality and are displayed within the mall. Aventura Mall, owned by the co-CEO of Turnberry Associates, Jackie Soffer (oceandrive.com), is one of the most popular malls in the United States. This means that the art is available to a vast array of customers to enjoy.

The collection of various works of art contains 10 pieces that were completed by local artists. The works of art are of mixed mediums including sculpture and installation. The art helps to create an interesting atmosphere. It adds to the overall shopping experience and allows customers to experience fine art in a way that they may have not otherwise been exposed to. The art also adds to the overall entertainment factor of the mall. While you are shopping you get to experience art in an up close and personal kind of way.

The pieces fit in well with the interior and help to enhance the aesthetic of the mall. Some of the pieces include decorative columns that give the appearance of erosion and growth that were crafted using wood and steel. Among the pieces is also an artistic indoor playground called Rainbow Valley. While the piece serves as a functioning playground, it also is an installation art piece. It features bright colors and a fun aesthetic.

The mall also features a fountain that includes a steel and stone sculpture, a sculpture of a hare jumping over the moon, a bronze statue of a woman walking, and a 10-foot-tall snowman. The snowman is faceless and weighs a half a ton. There are also eye shaped benches made of granite. These benches are functional but also very intriguing and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to all of these works, the mall also features a butterfly piece that includes butterflies that beautifully hang from the ceiling.

Overall, these pieces of art really enhance the overall feel of the mall. They create a pleasant and thought provoking experience for the shopper and help them to appreciate art. In today’s society art seems to have become less important. Displaying these pieces throughout the mall for everyone to experience helps remind people of the importance of art and how it can enhance our daily lives. Turnberry for the Arts has affected Miami’s shoppers in a positive way and encouraged them to appreciate art.

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